The JSON vs XML,And basically used in the Programming Language because of simplicity and structured data format.Basically JSON and XML format is useful in sending data over network between different web services because of its simplicity in representation of data.Image result for xml vs json

Those who are the new to these format they can try  for the xml because of its easy user friendly tag structure.Tag is like HTML language tag but no hard fast rules for tag Names,Their is not predefined tag names.You can create your own tag names for your ease of use.

Difference between JSON(Java Script Object Notation) and XML(eXtensible Markup Language). The major difference between are as follows.

1)JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language.
2)JSON is simple to read and write.XML is less simple than JSON.
3)JSON is easy to learn.XML is less easy than JSON.
4)JSON is data-oriented.XML is document-oriented.
5)JSON doesn’t provide display capabilities.XML provides the capability to display data because it is a markup language.
6)JSON supports array.XML doesn’t support array.
7)JSON is less secured than XML.XML is more secured.
8)JSON files are more human readable than XML.XML files are less human readable.
9)JSON supports only text and number data type.XML support many data types such as text, number, images, charts, graphs etc. Moreover, XML offeres options for transferring the format or structure of the data with actual data.

JSON Example

{ “firstName”:”John”, “lastName”:”Doe” },
{ “firstName”:”Anna”, “lastName”:”Smith” },
{ “firstName”:”Peter”, “lastName”:”Jones” }

XML Example

<firstName>John</firstName> <lastName>Doe</lastName>
<firstName>Anna</firstName> <lastName>Smith</lastName>
<firstName>Peter</firstName> <lastName>Jones</lastName>


If you are finding any difficulties with these format with any language you can give your issues in the comment section of Difference Between JSON vs XML,How to use in the Programming Language.

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