To verify an element using native chrome no need of any plugins or any extentions we can check our xpath Using Chrome Browser itself as described in this How to Verify or Check XPath Using Chrome Native Tools post.

Step 1:Install Chrome

Chrome Installatio  is the normal installation download the chrome form the official site link.

Step 2:Open Chrome

Step 3: Open Developer Option
You can open developer option by 3 Ways.

1st Method

Go to the Chrome Option ->More Tools ->Developer Tools

2st Method

Press Ctrl+Shift+I
To open the developer option

3st Method

Press F12 to open the developer option

Once the Developer tool is open you can able to see the multiple frame in side the chrome window.

Step 4:

Click on the HTML and Press Ctrl+F
Once text Box Will pop Up you can search any text or verify your XPATH


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