Online Selenium Training
Syllabus for the selenium tester designed by keeping eye on the current technology.You will find the detail description on Online Selenium Training Important Topic by going through respective link.The important course topic are covered in  this syllabus and the blog.And if you find any important topic we left hear you can give your view in the comment section.We will less focus on the selenium IDE and will give more focus on the selenium web driver and will go through the selenium framework and maven concept.Which are used in real time scenarios.For Selenium Training you should have to prior knowledge about the core Java concepts and also some basic of SQL.For a novice we suggest to go through this topic first.

Important topic in Selenium

1.Selenium IDE
2.HTML Language
3.Selenium RC
4.Object Identification
5.Selenium Webdriver
6.Methods of Webdriver
7.Methods of web element
8.Wait Statement
9.Action Class
10.Select Class
11.Working with multiple pop up
12.Working with multiple browser
13.Working with multiple element
14.Working with multiple frame
15.Auto Suggest
16.File Attachment
17.File Handling
18.Unit Testing Framework Tools(Test NG)
19.Framework Testing With Real Time Scenarios
34.DB Connection
35.Robot Class
36.Headless Browser
37.Reporting Tools
39.Wait Statement in Selenium Different Types of Wait
      -Selenium Wait Implicit Wait Explicit Wait Fluent Wait


Necessary Topic in  Selenium

1.Selenium gecko driver setup to run Firefox in Ubuntu or Windows



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