Variable and Value

  • A variable is a memory location where a programmer can store a value. Example : roll_no, amount, name etc.
  • Value is either string, numeric etc. Example : “Sara”, 120, 25.36
  • Variables are created when first assigned.
  • Variables must be assigned before being referenced.
  • The value stored in a variable can be accessed or updated later.
  • No declaration required
  • The type (string, int, float etc.) of the variable is determined by Python
  • The interpreter allocates memory on the basis of the data type of a variable.

Python Variable Name Rules

  • Must begin with a letter (a – z, A – B) or underscore (_)
  • Other characters can be letters, numbers or _
  • Case Sensitive
  • Can be any (reasonable) length
  • There are some reserved words which you cannot use as a variable name because Python uses them for other things.

Good Variable Name

  • Choose meaningful name instead of short name. roll_no is better than rn.
  • Maintain the length of a variable name. Roll_no_of_a-student is too long?
  • Be consistent; roll_no or or RollNo
  • Begin a variable name with an underscore(_) character for a special case.

Variable assignment

We use the assignment operator (=) to assign values to a variable. Any type of value can be assigned to any valid variable.

a = 5
b = 3.2
c = "Hello"

Here, we have three assignment statements. 5 is an integer assigned to the variable a.

Similarly, 3.2 is a floating point number and "Hello" is a string (sequence of characters) assigned to the variables b and c respectively.

Multiple assignments

In Python, multiple assignments can be made in a single statement as follows:

a, b, c = 5, 3.2, "Hello"

If we want to assign the same value to multiple variables at once, we can do this as

x = y = z = "same"

This assigns the “same” string to all the three variables.

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