Selenium IDE is an record and playback tool.Selenium is is the plugin for Firefox Browser Extension. It saves time for the tester from coding.The simple record and run is very familiar with novice user. By only clicking the record button “Selenium IDE” starts recording the activities and write the command by itself.Novice without heaving any programming language can easily understand and interact with Selenium IDE.

The Feature of Selenium IDE

Very easy record and playback the recording.
Auto select the web element in according with complicity,It take IDx ,names, or Xpaths as needed.
Auto complete all selenium commands.
Very easy for tester to walk through tests.
Debug and set break point.
It support Selenium user-extensions.js file.
We can save the test as HTML ,Ruby Scripts or any other formats.
We can set assert the title of a page.
Easy customize through plugins.

Selenium IDE- Menu Bar

Through menu bar we can do operation in file,Options and menus.

Selenium IDE- File Menu

We can create open save and close the tests.
All the tests are saved in html format.
Useful feature of selenium IDE is we can export the tests into our suitable language.

We can export the Selenium IDE test cases to the following source code formats.



Selenium IDE-Edit Menu
As usual like other menu we can also Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, and Select All.
Excluding this their are two more commands where we can “Insert New Command” and “Insert New Comment“.

The inserted command or comment will be placed on the top of the current selected line in Selenium IDE.

Introduction to Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE-Option Menu

Option menu is to provide various Clipboard format option.
HTML is the default selection.

Selenium IDE Option Dialog Box

Selenium IDE use 3 steps to write script

What is web element-Any element present on the webpage known as web element .

Example of Selenium IDE Script

COMMAND                             TARGET                             VALUES
SendKeys                                  name=usename                 adminSendKeys                                  name=password                pass123
Click&Wait                                id=LoginButton

FireBug-Firebug is used to identify or view the html source code of a web element present in the web page.

Batch Execution-Collection of multiple test cases is known as batch and executing multiple test cases in a single click is known as batch execution.

Test Suite-Location where we are storing multiple test cases.

Steps to create Test Suite-
Navigate to the file click on new test suite
Right click on the test suite click on new test cases
Select the test case and click on open like this we can add multiple test cases
Click on play entire test suite.
Advantages of Selenium IDE

1.Record and playback tools.
2.Easy to write & execute the script.

Disadvantages of Selenium IDE
1.Support only html language .
2.It supports only firefox browser.
3.It does not support for loop and if condition.
4.Selenium IDE works with open browser.
5.It will not open lunch new browser to run the test script.

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